Pator Ng'ang'a with his wife
Pastor Ng'ang'a with his wife

Neno Evangelism founder pastor Nganga has in a video said that he is not planning to commit suicide as it is being alleged by his critics.

According to the man of the cloth, he has too much to live for to even consider suicide.

I heard that the media has written that Pastor Nganga is vying for the Kibra member of Parliament seat, Really?

I also heard that some were saying that they saw me driving a V8 looking stressed like I would commit suicide.

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Pastor Nganga and his wife

Let us be realistic, why would I want to commit suicide? Look at the beautiful wife I have who will I leave her with if I commit suicide.

Nganga went on to ask who would inherit his wealth in the case of his death.

Whom will I also leave my cars with and my home.

Incase you did not know my neighbors are wazungu’s we just say ‘HI’ to each other hakuna mambo ya kushinda tukibishania mlango.

James Nganga
James Nganga with his Lexus LF-570

From jail to pushing a mkokoteni to Nairobi. They call me arrogant I call them rubbish.

those who are saying I want to kill myself should die themselves.

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