Now we all know Amani decided to turn over a very new leaf and move to the gospel side of life. In all her interviews, she claimed had always been inclined to God and this was the perfect time for her to practice gospel music.


The real story behind what motivated her to get a personal relationship with Christ is that she was called to perform at a swingers party and when she realized all her songs perfectly fit that criteria and that is when she realized it is over for her in the secular world. Amani said that she was attending Bible school but still performing her songs in various gigs and when she got the call from the swingers party organizer, he told her that they requested for her music because it perfectly fit the party.


This was Amani’s lowest moment in her life because she values marriage and for her to perform in such an event would be double standards. Amani continued saying that the organizer told her to wear a short skirt for the performance and that was her other turning point and at that very moment, she knew she had sunk low in her life.

‘I’ve been out of the secular world for two years’ Amani

Amani singing


The craziest thing that happened to her wasn’t even that! On the same day Amani had spoken to the organizer, he called back and told her knew she was single and there is a man who wants to meet her and she was like no way! She actually started preaching to him. Amina then decided not to attend the party because one day she would get married and she wouldnae want her story to be similar to the organizer’s or his guests’.

‘ People can be judgmental!’ Amani refutes claims that she joined the gospel industry to make money

Amani smiling