Bob Collymore

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore is now resting with the angels.

But before he did, Collymore made sure we all knew what was important in his life. His family.

Although Collymore shared very little information about his family, the little that he did
painted a picture of a proud and dedicated family man.

Back on March 23, 2018, Collymore shared a picture on Twitter of his son on his graduation day.

Collymore tweeted, “Guess whose son just received his 1st Class Honours degree in Music from Martha Lane-Fox at a graduation ceremony at London’s Barbican.”

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He also spoke very fondly and affectionately about his adopted 11-year-old daughter, who he dotingly referred to as his pumpkin.

“The other significant thing that happened in my 50s is that I adopted my daughter — we have a 50-year difference between us. That was a great thing,” he said during an interview with the Sunday Nation.

Collymore also revealed a side of him that many did not know about.

“I remember many years ago, Wambui my wife asked me the same question. I said I don’t and that’s why I only have one friend, unfortunately, that friend died. She said ‘Wow!’ But over the eight years of being here, we’ve seen more and more people emerge as genuine friends or people who genuinely care.”

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Patrick Quarcoo
Patrick Quarcoo, Bob Collymore and friends

Collymore then spoke about his boys who include Patric Quarcoo, Peter Kenneth, Alykhan Sachu, Bharat Thakrar and Jeff Koinange.

He revealed to Nation, “So I have a very small circle of good friends, and they come from different kinds of backgrounds. It’s tough for people like me because we actually want people to care more.”

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