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Peter Okoye aka Mr P of the former P-Square group has opened up on why he broke up with twin brother Paul Okoye aka Rude Boy.

Okoye, who is in the country said that his twin brother had been disrespecting his wife and kid on public and even insulting him on Instagram.

I don’t disrespect my brother’s wife and family but he does that to me all the time. He insults me and my family in public, Instagram and the next minute he is waiting for me in backstage to perform together, I can’t do that.

Adding that ‘One thing, I took a vow to protect my wife and kids, the day i got married and i’ll stick to that.

P-Square (Paul and Peter Okoye)

Mr P who is currently making headlines with the song Ebeano says he wasn’t ready to be a slave to his twin brother for the sake of family.

“I pulled out because I felt the disrespected coming from my family was too much and there is something we call marginalization. Don’t ever be a slave because you wanna be a family and the family are treating you bad and you just wanna remain there?”

Was his twin stubbing him at the back?

“All people don’t even know if your brother is stubbing you at the back. I hear people tell me that he is my twin brother and blood is thicker than water. Question is, who is blood and who is water.”

Peter also revealed that he and Paul had broken up three times before they finally called it quits. P, continues to blame it all on the twin for disrespect.

“I’ve had my solo career 11 months now. It has to come with respect shout out to my twin brother, I don’t have any problem with him. Trust me. Nothing. I just felt like in life, what we call family value is important. I found it very disrespectful, the fans want P-Square but how many times do you want P-Square to come back and break up? We’ve broken up three times and the same issue is still there so if P-square is gonna come back, we need to settle that issue.”

He added: ‘That problem is mad, its not a good thing. P-Square might come back or not.

mr p
Mr P

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So, will P-Square ever come back?

P square can only come back when the respect is back 100%.

Mr P said all this during an interview on Citizen TV.

In September last year, Mpasho.co.ke revealed that the twins had oficially split after a video of them fighting went viral.

In the video Paul was heard saying:

“Peter shame on you. Peter i say shame on you. You are shameful.”

Paul and their elder brother who is Paul’s manager and has sided with him for long responded by saying

“You want to beat me? Beat me. Look at this idiot.”

Here is the video: