Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has narrated how a near death experience toughened her up. This was after she recovered following a month and a half of hospitalization.

Betty then a 17 year old, got into a nasty accident that scarred her for life. Narrating her story the Churchill show, the mother of one said

‘When I was 17 and in form three I had a dental appointment and a date later, so I showered and off I went.

Kufika railways as I was crossing the road towards Afya Centre I was hit by a matatu.

It dragged me under it,My blouse got hooked so I was dragged for a few inches.

I could see the matatu inches away from crushing my face. It was a near death experience and it changed me.’

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Betty says the accident was a major one

‘My lungs were crushed,four of my ribs were broken my face was half scarped off,I broke my back and up to date I still have back issues.

After being removed under the matatu,I could hear women scream,they were so emotional after seeing my state.

 I was what if my mum sees me,what would she say if she saw me?.

I went through 7/8 surgeries.


My mum was called and she came to KNH and at the time I was heading to the HDU. That toughened me.’


‘I wanted to be a journalist but my scars were so visible. Most of the scars are no longer visible except this one on my neck.

It reminds me that God loves me.’