Vera Sidika finally met face to face with singer Jegede, who has for a long time crushed on him.

While Sidika was being interviewed by Amina Abdi on The Trend, Jegede showed up and gave the bootylicious socialite a bouquet of flowers.

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The Gudi Gudi hitmaker, whose real name is Jackson Rakama went ahead to read a poem to Vera.

vera, I have always loved you from way back. and words can’t explain my undying love for you. you’re everything I ever needed and more. A lot has been said about me, my love towards you. people think I’m after something. I’m not after money. I just want to share my love with you. I just want you to accept me the way I am.

He begged her to accept him promising never to hurt her and take care of her.

I have a large sugarcane farm in Busia. we can do a lot together. you’re very beautiful. how can someone leave such a woman?


Vera Sidika

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But Vera, who was listening to him as she blushed, broke the boychild’s heart.

She said she was taken.

I appreciate you a lot but I have a boyfriend and here’s here [kenya] you know.

But the singer said he won’t lose hope

i’ll wait for you. I won’t give up.

Check out reactions from Kenyans on Twitter;

Maisie; Ati “Niko na shamba kubwa Busia”. Vera amekuambia anataka kulima??😂😂😪

Munene Wambui The guy needs to change his supplier… He is giving him fake supplies.

Kenn Mmoja Nonsense naeza rudi na maua yangu😂😂😂ati jJgede ako na shamba ya miwa Busia…Vera atakula miwa ama anataka kupigwa na io miwa…

Bonareri Saa zingine anayekupenda humpendi anapenda mwingine anayependa mwingine…😂😂😂😂😂alivyonipenda yule 😂.

Mghoi Scolah Enyewe hii Ni mwaka ya kufungua roho 😂😊.

Andy Magona Bro couldn’t this wait some other time. There’s too much at stake but anyway nobody gives you a chance you gotta take chances. 💯

Fred Kibutu 😂😂😂 things men go through.


Dark Matchstick Angeslide kwa DM alengwe chini ya maji alafu atulie tu. Hatungejua hata.

Angie Awww woiye pole Sana Jegede next time.

Ken Y But maybe this was a stunt for him to push his music. Using her as a stepping stone. These people will do anything to stay relevant. 😂😂😂

Dianne Mody Classic example of the shooter getting shot… 😭

Jegede even released a song about her and requested her to be a vixen in the video.