TID, Tanzanian singer, who at the peak of his career made headlines with the song Nyota Yangu was attacked. In an interview with Millard Ayo, he says his neighbour and one other person beat him up.

The guy has a history of violence. My father used to tell me, never let any other man beat you, especially when You have hands. You have to be a man,

He beat me without any reason. He is notorious and he has shown that he is a thug or something. Thats not what I deserve. You want me to walk around with bodyguards around my hood? He is a young man who just moved in here and we’ve not known each other for long.

He says he had to run for his life when the attacker threatened him with a pistol.

I was beaten by two people. I am a man, I had to fight back but when I heard he was going for his pistol, i ran for my life.



He just decided to disrespect me, you know some people have that inferiority complex.

He says the neighbour is in hiding after the singer reported the case to the authorities.

Yeah, I’v reported to the police and I went to the hospital. I was bleeding all over, my shirt was full of blood.The guy has already run away.

Announcing this news, TID took to social media to show fans how he was beaten.


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