Janet Mbugua has become the inspiration of many young and even old women when it comes to media and also family love. If you follow her on social media, she is one person who is always spending time with family and friends but then again her life is very private. It is very hard to know her personal life.

Janet Mbugua, Baby Huru and Eddie Ndichu


She finally acquiesced to the pressures of public interest and did a Q&A with her husband in video format where they basically opened up to the public. A question to her husband Eddie Ndichu came their way. He was asked how it feels being the husband to a lady in the limelight.

His answer was that he was really waiting for the question to one day come his way.

Janet Mbugua

It’s horrible being with a wife who is in the limelight. It’s hard because I thought I had a career then I married my wife and I didn’t have a career and right after that I was Mr. Janet and so now I am just Mr. Janet.


Of course she refuted that saying he recently just got a new job and he is actually great at what he does. Janet also clarified the issue of fame way before they got serious and he got accustomed to it and they have an understanding.

When he sees something she does that he does not like, he tells her what to prioritize in their marriage and family at large.