Dr. Ofweneke

Dr Ofweneke has revealed that there was a time he was very close to ending his own life. This was a time he was in primary school.

He had no stability, he was constantly being moved from home to home,  changing of schools and not having a permanent home.

At one point, he had to move to Nairobi and his mother toghether with his other siblings went to Ukambani .

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Dr OfwenekeIt was at this point he had to find him a place to stay so he went to stay with his aunt in class 4.

“My uncle didn’t like me from the beginning alikuwa anachagua mboga anatoa nyama anakuacha na mboga.”

The matress was cut to only fit his upper body.

“Provided ulikuwa na mahali ya kuekelea kichwa miguu ungejipanga. You had to earn your right to go to school and due to that he had to constantly skip school. Monday niko shule Tuesday naenda malaba forest kuchunga monkey zisikule mahindi na maharagwe kwa forest.”

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Dr. OfwenekeThis was the routine for him and that’s when he thought of commiting suicide.

“I think that was when i tried my first ever suicide attempt. I had had enough of the suffering, the fighting with monkeys and constant beatings.”

By then there were no phones so it was hard for Dr Ofweneke to communicate and tell his father what he was going through.

Despite all that he made it. See God!

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