Father Kyengo murder suspects

Solomon Mutava and Kavivya Mwangagi have been arraigned at a Milimani court over the murder of Catholic priest Michael Kyengo.

The eight day detention comes even after Mwangangi sought to confess in an open court on how they conspired to murder the slain priest.

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Kavivya Mwangangi,suspect in the murder of Machakos Priest Father Michael Kyengo at Milimani Law Court on October 25,2019.Photo/Enos Teche

His confession was cut short by presiding magistrate Hellen Okwani where she directed that he confesses at the police station in the presence of his family and a chief inspector.

In his narrative, Mwangangi told the court that he was picked on the fateful night the priest died and directed to a car where the priest was stacked in the booth.

“His hands were tied and at some point I was asked to tie his feet and hands with ropes,” he said.

He further added that at some point his colleague, Mutava whom they were with in the same car asked the slain priest to give his bank account number and state his Mpesa balance.

Solomon Mutava,

Further, Mwangangi alleged that Mutava transferred cash from the slain priest’s bank account to an unknown account.

The two arraigned suspects now make the total number of detained suspects in the murder three.

Michael Mutunga was arraigned yesterday at the same court and the court allowed that he be detained for 10 days at Kilimani police station.

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The three will appear in court on November 6.

The 40-year-old priest disappeared from his parents’ Tala home on October 5 and his body recovered on October 16 from a riverbed in Mbeere South, Embu County.

A 25-year-old nursery school trained teacher had earlier been arrested after the body was discovered.

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