James Mbugua a journalist who is going through a tough week after experiencing the most horrific thing in his life ever. 

Content Editor at Tek Production services, James Mbugua explained his story, how he tried to help a lady who had just been hit and run by an overspeeding matatu. James vividly narrates the story saying the lady’s clothes were torn from the impact of the hit and run.

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The lady lay in a pool of her own blood that was oozing from her mouth. James tried to feel for her pulse so that he could perform first aid on her. The lady at that very moment breathed her last breath right in front of him before he could even think of the next step to take in trying to save her life.

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James highlighted the fact that the police take so much time to arrive at a crime scene. Other onlookers just stood there watching saying they are waiting for the police because once they tamper with the evidence it might just end up being another case. The lady is now gone while she would have survived the horrific ordeal..

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Read his story below:

I am a wreck as I type this. As I was rushing towards the scene where the wails were coming from I met a lady screaming ‘amewaua’. I hugged her tightly to try quell her screaming which she eventually obliged. I hadn’t seen the bodies lying near lifeless in the middle of the road. Good Samaritans were picking up one of the victims who was screaming with fractured limbs as I rushed to look at the other body. The lady’s clothes had been torn apart by the impact of the hit she got from an overspeeding matatu. As I reached to feel her pulse amidst a pool of blood oozing from her mouth she gave out her last breath. All this time people were just watching as they waited for police to come and take action, they didn’t want to be involved in a bloody situation. I feel awful right now, awful. May the young lady rest in peace.