Ringtone in sharp suit

Ringtone is not new to making statements that are much bigger than his 5’8″ frame. And I love that about him. He goes in like a naked mole rat and that is great for our entertainment scene.

This time round, he is talking about more than just buying a chopper, he is talking networth and this is the reason why people are curious as to how much Kenyan gospel pays out. The man claims he is 800 million Kenya shillings prancing about in these streets.


Yep! This man claims to be nearly worth a damn billion! And I know you must be wondering where I got this information from aye? Well, from the horse’s mouth. He gave Citizen TV an interview and in it, he made this and other bombastic claims.

When pressed to answer how much he pays out to KRA in taxes, he pulled a Donald Trump and refused to reveal that figure. Actually, it is quite hilarious to see him sweat as he tries to figure out how to get out of this one.

His wealth was amassed over a 12 year period which he claims started back in 2006 which would mean he made 66,666,666.66 a year.


Well, in the Wednesday interview on Citizen Extra Trends and Entertainment show, Ringtone claimed he acquired his fortunes from sales of his musical work, hotel business, and bidding for government tenders.

So he’s a tenderpreneur?

Real meme lol
Real meme lol. photo credit: memegen