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A Kenyan woman is in a dilemma on whether to break her marriage vows just to be able to taste the forbidden fruit – who is her brother-in-law.

Taking to a local radio station to air her predicament *Jasmine said,

I want to sleep with my husband’s kid brother. This feeling is too strong, I had to play music but still no way, I had to go and start cooking rice just to distract myself. But that did not in any way help because I could still see him in the coach as he slept off watching TV.

‘My lover is blackmailing me with our pekejeng videos,’ Cries woman

Jasmine who does not understand when the rain started beating her revealed that her husband has become useless.

My useless husband is on the other hand busy sleeping. But should I just do it and satisfy myself then face the  Consequences later. I want this boy so bad. Don’t even tell me to try touching my husband because he has his room and I have mine and he locked it. What do I do?

What advice do you have for Jasmine before she jumps in to what may be the worst mistake of her life?

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