Veteran actor Eddie Mbugua has starred in many productions including Hollywood flick Boy Who Harnessed the Wind that was directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Eddie Mbugua on set with Chiwetel Ejiofor

Read about his heated argument with Chiwetel on the set of the film that is now being aired on Netflix.

‘I felt restrained…’ Eddie Mbugua on argument with Chiwitel Ejiofor 

Speaking to Mpasho, Eddie revealed that despite his success in film, he got to a point where he needed a break from the limelight and as such he deactivated his Facebook account.

He revealed,

“Vincent van Gogh sliced his ear off because of love, I kept all my bits – but felt it important not to be distracted by my social media. I am not lucky when it comes to relationships. Being an INFJ complicates things and I am more Enkidu than Gilgamesh. I envy men who can manage two relationships, or more.”

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“After avoiding relationships for seven years, I was convinced my soulmate had glided from the bosom of the heavens onto my path and I didn’t want the habitual cockup.”

So has he found a soulmate and shall we also see this wedding on television too?

“Sadly, not. I scared her away. I wasn’t aware of how much anger I had repressed until emotions I had successfully numbed began to thaw. It was quite overwhelming and I unfairly displaced so much of my anxiety upon an innocent party. It just wasn’t cricket. I am slowly working on healing and forgiving,” Eddie whispered.

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