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Lockdown has got people engaging in illegal activities such as incest. A city woman has revealed that she has been having an affair with her blood cousin.

I stay with my aunt and one day my cousin came to my room and one thing led to another…we had sex. We have slept together about four times and now I have strong feelings for him. He told me he has feeling for me too but I don’t know if he’s saying the truth or he just wants sex. how can I get over this? I’m confused.,’ she posted.

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Check out reactions from social media users;

sexiestbarbie God will not keep u anonymous wen the disgrace will come😒

foriamblessed Abomination

its_tasha_uwana You people should go to the village and do cleansing

alexxis Heaven and hell is real people are dying on daily basis give ur life to Christ thats the best that can happen to u

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amakah Your cousin is just like your blood brother 🤦🤦

chee_zoba Worse mistake was letting it happen in the first place, I think everyone at some point had feelings for their cousins but you no dey craze to push the whole thing🙄🙄

bjebonybaby Marry your cuz😂

bloomregalia I don’t think there anything wrong in being in love with your cousin. Even in Islam, marriage between cousins is allowed. (The sex part is wrong though)

stephaniiee May God deliver all these incest fornicators!

henna_nana Entanglement with cousin.😂💔

bluenerrd This generation 💔

miss_kassy May we not meet this kind of cousins 💔💔💔 what a shame

q_meenahh U guys need fasting and prayers

zinny.presh Stay far from him if u want to get over it

mr_rumi Move out for awhile. Try to occupy your thoughts with something else. Do the things you love and quit thinking about him

triza_henry Jesus come down

isiguy2k You need prayers as this is an abomination.


june4pee You’re mad.

kaybodyfiles U need deliverance my dear

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