Esma Platnumz's wedding

Would you ever agree to get married as a third wife? That is the position Esma Platnumz, sister to Diamond settled for after getting married for the second time.

Esma tied the knot to the love of her life Msizwa on 31st/July/2020 and had her wedding reception on 1st/August/2020.

In a recent interview Esma now says she is psychologically prepared in-case her husband decides to marry a fourth wife according to Muslim customs.

‘Life would still move on , I am prepared psychologically because anything can happen.

But even when it happens everyone is playing their own position so I have nothing to be worried about.’

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She however admitted that she would feel bad but only for a while

‘I am still new and would not allow someone else to come into my marriage.’

Asked if she has ever met her two co-wives, she responded

‘I have never seen them. I know they must have some temper but am hoping with time it will come to pass.’

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Talking as to why he married Esma, Msizwa explained

‘She is very talkative and very social,she is the type of woman whom you can chat with from morning to morning.

Plus she does not throw herself around.

If she is dating someone she sticks with that particular person.’

We wish them all the best.

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