Classic 105 Terry Muikamba has asked men to stop asking women known or unknown to them on when they would get kids as it was none of their issue.

Terry said as for her she was not in a rush to get kids adding that she would do so when ready.

‘I am not ready for kids but when I am I will get them.

Kids are a forever attachment so its not something you just do (get kids) just because your biological clock is ticking.

Further more there are so many kids out there who don’t have parents so even adoption is an option.

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Terry Muikamba

To men out there you should stop asking women when they are getting kids , you might not know what people out there are going through.’

Classic 105 radio host Mike Mondo has already identified the woman who is set to carry his babies ,which according to him will be twins.

Mike is a already a father of one but is not married to the mother of his kid.

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Well you might not be aware but Mike Mondo has a crush on Nigerian female artiste Yemi Alade and according to Mike she will be the mother of her kids.

Yemi Alade

Introducing her song during his radio show Mike hinted

‘Coming next is a song by Yemi Alade, The woman who will have my twins.’

Well efforts by Mike to ask Terry when she would get kids of her own proved furtile after the damsel categorically said that she is not ready yet.