Kenyan comedian Shaniqwa has set the record straight to a fan who asked him if he is gay during a live stream on his Instagram.

One daring fan posed the question whether Shaniqwa was gay

‘I am not gay Bro I am straight. I have a wife,’ Shaniqwa courteously responded

Shaniqwa was howver not very pleased after a fan blasted him for having ‘brown’ teeth during the live session on his Instagram.

Shaniqwa who is loved for his ‘Ntakumuuuuurder’ slang warned the fan not to count his chicks before they have hatched as he was yet to become a parent and see what God will grant him.

I am happy the way I am. 

Don’t talk ill about people yet you have not given birth. God saw it fit for me to be this way and I am Ok.

We have so many things to be thankful for rather than keep complaining. Let people talk because we live the way we want by the end of the day.

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Shaniqwa went on to confess that contrary to what people believe, he is a humble guy.

I am a very humble guy, I am the humblest person you can ever meet it’s just that the role Shaniqwa made people view me as talkative.

Asked on whether he has ever been dumped for being broke, Shaniqwa said,

Yes I have been dumped a few times. How could someone leave all this goodness?

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