By now you must be aware that award-winning Kenyan female artiste Mercy Myra finally divorced her husband and fellow musician Attitude. (Read more about it below)

NIMECHOKA! Mercy Myra Divorces Her Husband Of 10 Years

Following several years of separation, the celebrity couple finally called it quits after the songstress signed the divorce papers last week.

On the other hand, the US-based Kenyan rapper has said that he is happy now that he is no longer married to the “tie dero” singer and also called her out for being abusive.


Throughout this year long divorce proceedings, my right to continue seeing my daughter has been my biggest concern. I am glad I am no longer married to Mercy Myra believe me in all honesty. – Attitude

“She didn’t marry Obama, and I definitely didn’t marry Michelle. We were abusive to each other… Both physically (on both parts, yes Mercy Myra has initiated violent contact with me)and verbally(on both parts once again). Not a great environment to raise a child in… No one knows the full story because out of respect for my family’s privacy I tried my best not to air dirty laundry on public lines,” Added Attitude.