Nairobi D is back and is probably the best part of many people’s Monday blues. Season 8 looks like it will be a war between the young and the old cast members.

On last nights episode, Pendo and the new cast member, Barbie had some beef to settle from the previous episode where Pendo stood up for her friend, Mishi, when she was at war with Barbie and her friend Maya.


With the loyalty Pendo has for her friends, she stepped in to literally trade fists and told Barbie that in another setting she will dismantle her. Barbie answered the challenge and told Pendo to meet her in the forest where they have enough space to fight.

Risper Faith out! Brian, out! Luwi Capello, out! Noti flow out! Meet the new Nairobi D cast members

She removed her wig and hat ready for a fist fight. Pendo dared her to come closer and closer and we know Pendo is a tough fighter. They dragged each other to the floor throwing fists and kicks shouting (with that squicky voice Barbie has).

Pendo pinned Barbie to the floor and locked her neck. In the midst of that Pendo told her

chorea sasa. tumalizane na iishe. niwachilie nitakuwachilia na iishe

Okay, I don’t want to say it but Pendo was actually afraid of the wrath of Barbie. She could not handle the war so she opted to surrender but in a bold way, I mean she has a name to protect. The war between the two all started when Pendo said she really does not have any form of likeness towards Barbie and this rubbed Barbie the wrong way.

Pendo told Barbie they need to end the fight and in our minds, we knew she was being a coward. Well during the confession booth she said that she is now a brand and she does not want to interfere with that. She told Barbie to look for another way to be famous because she is tired of making people famous and giving people a storyline.

Pendo made it very clear that it took her 8 seasons to make her name what it is now and so she is not about to destroy it with just but a silly fight. She apologized to her fans if she offended them in any way and if she disappointed them.

Kwa my fans out there, I am sorry kama niliwaoffend. I am a brand and I wouldn’t want to disappoint my fans