Churchill comedienne Zainabu alias Zeddy has opened up on losing her unborn child.

The damsel who suffered a miscarriage was blessed to be a mother again.

She welcomed a daughter in August.

Zeddy shared that she has fought feelings of depression when her unborn baby died.

Taking to her social media, Zeddy penned,

‘When you realize that you are pregnant, there is a very strong feeling of joy in your heart.

and it comes with high expectations as well as responsibilities of how you will raise that child.

But before the child is born, there is the struggle with pregnancy fever, mood swings, pain, sometimes anxiety and this is what is paid back through the birth of a healthy baby..

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But that is not always the case and Zeddy learnt that the hard way.

unfortunately, some of us have found ourselves on the wrong side of this when we lose our unborn children, or children die at birth while others die few days or weeks after birth.’

Zeddy expectant with her second pregnancy

Zeddy added that only a mother can understand the grief that the death of a child brings.

‘It is so devastating and the pain is beyond human comprehension.

but in most cases nobody else understands apart from the mother who is grieving.

Most women who lose their babies end up suffering from major depressive disorder where they lose taste of everything in life.

Zeddy ,pregnant with her second baby

They condemn themselves and hate everybody around them and when this is not addressed it often leads to this woman becoming suicidal.’

She went on to add that at some point she almost died.

 Personally I have been through this and I almost lost my life at some point but up to this point am still struggling to heal but I have been able to overcome pain to great extent. 

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Zainab added that while every person grieves in their own way, there is help and shared some information.

Am speaking about this because I have found some way we can exploit and get help in closing the doors of pain as we look forward to healing completely.

The death of a baby can bring profound grief. Here are some words of comfort from her

my story of pain will yield joy for many people and am here to tell you we can wake up and move again.

Zeddy then asked mothers who have lost their kids to reach out.

‘If you are such a mother or you know somebody who has lost a child, please let us communicate and find each other for us to restore our lives and our dignity.

No matter the circumstances that led to your baby not making it, we are still mothers and we need to recreate our selves through psychological support.’

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