Huddah is really making major moves in her life.

From quitting reality shows to quitting shisha (she actually finds this disgusting), we have seen a tremendous growth in her life.

Her business, Huddah Cosmetics is also doing quite good. She recently launched wet wipes and eyeliner and she mentioned she is set to launch cigars. And that’s the major reason why she thinks shisha being banned was a good initiative.

Huddah had an interview with Chipukeezy where she opened up about her drug addictions. This came after Chipukeezy was appointed to the board of NACADA. After his appointment, his first project on drugs was to help his friend, Eric Omondi.

Don’t get me wrong, Eric Omondi is not a drugy but sadly his elder brother was. Chipukeezy alongside Eric Omondi were on a mission to help Eric Omondi’s brother, Joseph Omondi overcome drug addiction.

Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi posted a video of him going to find his brother who he says goes missing every now and then to avoid rehab. Just when we thought there is light at the end of the tunnel, we woke up to sad news that Joseph was no more.

This is not the last image I would have wanted to post of my brother… But this is definitely the image I want every young person in this Country to see!!! Joseph Onyango Omondi passed on this morning around 3am, barely 12 hours after I found him in Downton River Road. He was addicted to Cocaine and other substances and was in and out of Rehab for the past 19 years. May God himself take charge. Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to help @chipukeezy @teamd2dThaaanks🙏🙏🙏

Such stories have inspired Huddah to open up and speak about her struggles. Well, Huddah said that her addiction started when she was just 19.

She was in a relationship where her boyfriend was a drug consumer and because love is blind, she followed his ways and succumbed to his habits.

Huddah Monroe

In fact, she says the reason why she is barely in relationships is that they end up confusing some somehow. Its like one is brainwashed.

#handshake! Huddah Monroe and Diamond Platnumz finally bury the hatchet

She opened up further saying, at that time she got into big brother only because she needed a form of rehab and she begged to be part of it. This was the only way she would leave her boyfriend and Kenya.

Huddah Monroe

the reason why they picked me is because I really begged them that I really need to go for a rehab or something. big brother was like my rehab. I came back na sikutaka kuwa kichekesho ya town. sikutaka watu waseme ulijua huddah? muone sai amechizi ama amekuwa on drugs. so I decided to just let it go.

It wasn’t an easy stage in her life but she decided to quit for a better life.

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