After we wrote a story about Vera Sidika’s boyfriend leaking her nudes, all hell broke loose.

Vera Sidika used this opportunity to finally pour her heart out to the world explaining how violent this Nigerian man was. From beating her to forcing her to abort a ‘pregnancy’, for the first time Sidika one of Kenya’s sweethearts experienced an abusive relationship.

In one of the videos she posted, Yommy, her ex-boyfriend is seen beating her as she walks away crying.

Sidika went ahead to post screenshots of their conversation when this guy showing how heartless her former Nigerian bae was.


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The video vixen however narrated horrifying moments during this relationship.

“No one has the right to put others down just coz they feel better than them. At all ? on top of it get violent. Alcohol problem etc. too much!
The first time he hit me I left dubai and never set foot since January even after he kept asking me to go. I was scared. Reason I was calm on my messages was coz I was scared of what he’s capable of doing. I have never in my life been in an abusive relationship. This was my first ?” She wrote

She went on to explain the dirty things he did in the name of ‘businesses’

 “My relationship was lied to from start to finish. He confessed he was in Jail just came out in March 2016 & changed. Doesn’t do fraud anymore etc I tried to believe him coz people do change. He said he had a spa & real estate in dubai. Whenever I was around never saw him do any funny thing so I believed him. Until i found out later it was a lie ? I discovered so much ?”She posted

Sidika added
“This is the problem. When u deal with someone that lies for a living. creating fake documents, fake cheques, lie to old women, photoshop paperwork and texts. This is what happens. All he does is lie. He sent me DM just now claiming he doesn’t have my nude. Like wtf. Why u gotta lie ? my entire relationship was based on lies left right and center and u got angry coz I said I’m single on a tv interview. Wtf was I to say ? and y’all saying stop bringing matters on IG. Na. When i was dating him I brought it to IG. Now that he chose to do this I brought it back to where it started IG. So cut it!”

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After this revelation, many have come out to describing how Nigerian men have terrified many women in Kenya

“reined amsel: Vera, I am Nigerian but I will tell you this- for free- don’t date this guy or any other Nigerian guy again. They do not love you, have no plans to wife u. They are only after ur body and hope u know our men kiss and tell a lot? So this one tells the next about how great a time he had and he makes it a point to get the experience too. You are a pretty woman and have smart business ideas, you can make it on ur own without these guys. Stop dating them. You are worth more than a conquest. Yes, u will get gifts but in d end, are these gifts worth ur public image, good name and self esteem? I don’t think so. No more yahoo boys or immature guys, if u must date a Nigerian, date a responsible one. I love u so much and I know u deserve better than all these plastic guys who are professional liars. Be careful dear. Good luck!

lisa_m_kieti: I remember dating a guy like this….smh! Don’t ignite his fire by responding to his texts. Go cold turkey…. Cut off communication and live your life Vee. It’s hard I know but try ignore him as much as possible.dont let him control you even passively. I will pray for Gods peace to surround you. Shalom
_nyawira@iwateba there’s more posts

xenaolalekan: @queenveebosset yommy the boy who ate in my house. ..he normally video tape women. ..yommy of all the men….I know the whole group since 2005 they are boys who play girls. ..@geoynce eti yommy

rauha.paulus: It feels like da ja vu. Only, it’s not! I was in a similar relationship recently. Threats, blackmails, promises, insults. It’s a circle. Why I relate to Vee it’s because I remained as calm. Answer in such a very intelligent manner. Sometimes I hardly reply. It gets better with time. And you become numb to all bad things thrown at you. I think you are an amazing person, Vee❤️ one love.

janetkarani: @updiizzo_clasic when uv been in a relationship with someone u actually loved the cutting them off is the hardest…u reply one word replys,they abuse u but u still reply..then u just stop and u move on and he still keeps texting but then u moved on…its like a phase with girls

shei_swit: Don’t be too hard on yourself gurl.We all make mistakes in life and best part is cause we learn .This dude is full of BS and is a damn looser.Don’t let him drag your crown into this stupidity he is showing.Be strong and calm ,its never stormy forever.
shawty_lois@breny_cute see headline”