Let me start by saying that singer Bahati is talented…Very talented. But then I discovered that he also has another talent, the lad is an expert at keeping secrets. I mean this guy can keep a secret from the whole world about his relationship with a video vixen.

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Though Bahati has never admitted of his torrid romance with Diana Marua, we know they are an item. That said, Bahati and his bae are sinning. Just before you ask how, Bahati and Diana were rumoured to be sleeping together. By that I mean, sleeping at the same house…Bahati’s house.


This was catalyzed by a series of photos that showed Diana Marua at what is seen as Bahati’s apartment. You ask what they have done this time round?

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The two were spotted singing earthly songs, a song by WCB’s Rayvanny. The ‘gospel ‘ singer was seen doing that together with Rayvanny and the love of his life, Diana. Isn’t he leading the flock the wrong way? I mean, a gospel singer who pretends to be leading Christians the right way with his songs then sings otherwise.

What I’m saying is, the song Bahati and Diana were singing along to was one that was not exactly glorifying the Good Lord.


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Is this what is called preaching water and drinking wine? Now I know what Emali town choir meant with their song “Unajivalia ngozi ya kondoo. Kumbe ndani ni mbwa mwitu”.

One fan wrote, “Hehe, Bahati singing secular, and some guys still thinks he is a gospel artiste, Bahati and Willy Paul are all about competing for against each other. Hakuna neno la Mungu apo.”

Diana and Bahati sing Rayvanny’s song Mbeleko. It is a love song dedicated to his baby mama Fahyma. It is a song about finding a soul mate.

Take a look at your favourite ‘gospel’ singer Bahati, doing what he knows best;

Goofing around with @rayvanny and @bahatikenya … wee ndio my King baby, my Only…. #Mbeleko ♥️♥️

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