Slain Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen will be laid to rest today afternoon at a Jewish cemetery in Nairobi.

However, Cohen’s biggest fighter for justice, his sister Gabrielle Van Straten will not attend

This is quite unexpected as Gabrielle flew out of the country on Saturday just a day after her late brother’s will was opened.

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Tob Cohen WillHer lawyer Cliff Ombeta told media outlets that she flew out due to “personal reasons.”


Gabrielle was expected to attend the burial alongside close family members and Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu, who is a key suspect in the murder of her brother.

She is currently incarcerated at Lang’ata Women’s Prison as police complete investigations into her alleged involvement in the murder of her husband.

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Her lawyer is set to file an application on Monday to have the court allow her to attend the burial later today.

Earlier on, Sarah and Gabrielle clashed over the right to bury the slain billionaire.

Cohen’s sister had demanded she be given the body as soon as the post-mortem is conducted but Wairimu objected insisting that despite the murder charges against her, she is still the widow and entitled to burying her late husband.

The two parties, however, reached an agreement and their lawyers, in a joint press address, announced that Sarah and Gabrielle would both take part in the family-members-only burial.

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