Is flashy Kenyan singer Akothee threatening to produce a 7-aside rugby team from her own womb?

From the look of things, this is likely. We can even have a rugby tourney named Akothee 7s?

These are some of the most pertinent questions on many of her fan’s minds regarding Akothee’s growing brood.

Endelea Kungoja Malaika! Akothee Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Already at five, her sixth child is a few months from joining the almost complete ‘team’, and who knows if a seventh will follow suit? That remains to be seen. If it indeed happens, Akothee has the go ahead to speak with the national rugby governing council to register her own team! She is a mother of many nations. Or is she competing with the Biblical Abraham?

UCHUNGU WA MZAZI: Singer Akothee Cries Over Her Pregnancy Struggles

Her children are from all over. Quite literally. Like sired by different fathers scattered in different parts of the world. The dark ones resemble her, while the rest resemble their fathers. Take a look at their photos below… All of them under one roof!