Rue Baby and Mca Tricky

Comedian MCA Tricky is among the few celebrities who shot to fame in the shortest time after gaining entry into the showbiz industry.

Thanks to his creativity.

The Radio Maisha presenter has teamed up with Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby to support and build their brands.

They are working together and rumour had been going round that they have a thing.

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But the two are just friends and have confirmed so during Q&A. hile responding to a fan who inquire about their relationship, the witty comedian said,

MY RELATIONSHIP WITH RUE BABY IS COMPLICATED. RUE BABY NI BESHTE YANGU SANA HALAFU VENYE UMEONA HIZO CLIPS TUMEKUA TUKIFANYA NA YEYE PROJECTS KADHAA ZA ENTERTAINMENT. SO NIMEM INCORPORATE KWA HIZO CLIPS, UNAJUA UKICREATE ONLINE CONTENT LAZIMA UCHOSE CHARACTERS WISELY. [Rue Baby is my very good friend and the clips going round are from several projects we’ve been working on. I’ve incorporated her in my projects because for online content you must choose characters wisely.]

Well, if the two were to be an item, MCA Tricky would pay dowry and it would be given to none other than Aggrey Okello, Rue Baby’s father.

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Below are photos of Rue Baby’s dad

The singer [carrying a baby], her sister, and baby daddy

Akothee with her ex-husband, father of her three daughters


Vesha Shaillan
Akothee’s daughter and baby daddy Aggrey Okello

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