Heaven Bahati

Bahati and his gorgeous wife have decided they are going to keep their baby girls face, Heaven a secret from the public. Kenyans love to be involved in the lives of celebrities so this is a big deal for them.

Diana Marua and Heaven Bahati

In an interview with Viusasa Bahati said that people will get to see her on the 10th of April where they will also be launching new artistes and a thanksgiving ceremony for the far EMB records has come. It is a big unveiling ceremony and he will invite his fans to KICC. At the mention of his daughter, he was asked why they have opened a social media page for her.


Photos surface of a seemingly drunk Bahati partying with Otile Brown

Bahati said that before she was born she was a celebrity and so they thought why not? Their daughter had already received so much publicity and even a few endorsements as a brand ambassador.

alizaliwa akiwa celeb she might be the most influential person in the world na tunamkazia. if she does not like it by the time she can make decisons then she can as well delete her account. though we were trying to create a foundation for her life