Even before the dust settles, another Rongai makanga has come under sharp criticism for mistreating a passenger and robbing him.

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Jane Wanjiku recently took to social media to highlight the plight of his brother who had his lip bitten off after he refused to ‘cooperate’ with a rogue makanga who wanted to rob him.

According to the woman, her brother boarded a Rongao Sacco matatu after arriving late in Nairobi for a job interview.

When they arrived at a stage known as Barclays in Rongai, the makanga reached for her brother’s pocket but he (the brother) shoved his hand after noticing what was happening.

This did not go down well with the tout and he decided to bite his upper lip, taking a huge chunk with him.

Apparently, the matatu was stopped and the man was thrown out with his bags but they remained with his phone.

He then proceeded to the police station to report the matter but was sent away by a female officer. However, he was finally attended to following the intervention of a male officer.

The driver of the matatu is said to have settled the man’s hospital bill amounting to Sh9,000 before giving him back his phone.

However, the tout is still at large and Ms Wanjiku has said that she will not give up until the man is behind bars.

Here are the photos:

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