Frasha is joining the sobriety sqaud.

Alcoholism is the inability to control drinking due to both a physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. So when one decides to quit drinking and depending on alcohol that is sobriety. This is the act of being sober and not intoxicated by alcohol.

Alcohol quote
Alcohol quote

Many people who have come out to give their sobriety stories always have that one moment in their life that made them realize it is time to stop taking the drug that has them in bondage.

Take for example Oliver Mathenge who decided to quit alcohol after suicide attempts and family feuds. He came out to the public after he hit the 100th day and he said he feels much better being sober.

Oliver Mathenge

Then Ray C from Tanzania. Her career came to a standstill after drugs took over her life but she is now back with a bang after her hit collabo with Papa Dennis.

Jimwat also came back to the scene during the Ngoma Fest this year after hitting rock bottom, which saw him go to the rehab center. His main goal now is music and sensitizing people about the dangers of alcoholism and drug abuse.

Well, Jimwat is not the only one on the sensitization journey, Chipukeezy who was recently appointed as a director at NACADA is already at work. Other than changing his hair colour and style, Chipukeezy has been doing rounds in various counties trying to fight drug abuse especially among the youth.


This has inspired the likes of Frasha who has publicly declared he is 3 days sober in a 40-day alcohol-free journey.

This after he released the video Chocha. The video has a lot of girls and plenty of alcohol in it. but Frasha has clearly decided to switch things up.

Frasha is on a sobriety challenge supporting Chipukeezy in his new job. He wrote:

Help me with my #40daysfreeofalcohol #staysoberchallengetoday is the 3rd day. Who wants to join

Fans have supported him in his amazing journey. Frasha challenged one of the Kenyas party animals, Joe Muchiri to join him in the 40 days free of alcohol. Here are some of the comments:

John: Today is also my 3rd day… Am following this to the end. #40daysfreeofalcohol

Winfred: Awesome challenge… u’ll love the feeling… only hate the alcohol on the 41st day u try it #40daysfreeofalcohol

Mueni: Inside. Already done 39days as at today. Aiming for 120days alcohol-free

Jeremy: Great stuff my guy…why not carry it on for the rest of the year

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