Once upon a time, performing arts were not taken as serious careers. Musicians, comedians, visual artists, actors and such creatives were not considered as successful as professionals in other fields.

With time, however, that stereotype has been crushed to death!!

Nowadays, creative art industry is a really well paying career path to take. Artists are raking in high earnings, thanks to the favourable changes in dynamics in the field across the world.

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Now, one of Africa’s best comedians, Okpocha Bright aka Basketmouth has been awarded one of the prestigious titles in Europe and the world at large.

The popular Nigerian funnyman, who recently lost his loving mother, has been honoured with ‘knighthood’ by Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England.

The title ‘Sir/Knight’ is traditionally known to be awarded by the Queen of United Kingdom to outstanding performers in different fields on Thursday.

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Immediately after the award, the comedian took his excitement to his social media pages where he revealed to his fans that he is now a knight ‘in shining armour’.

He wrote:

“Guess who just got knighted by the Queen of England……I’m humbled, God is truly amazing. Your majesty, thank you for the great honor… yours truly Sir Okpocha Bright.”

Basketmouth’s Ugandan friend and one of Africa’s most loved comedians Patrick Idringi Salvado had this to say about his knighthood:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Sir Bright Okpocha aka Sir Basketmouth .. for his contribution to the Entertainment industry in the U.K., he has been Knighted, i’m just very honoured to call him a brother.. can’t wait to perform in the Uk again because of this generous man.. May God Keep Blessing You Sir Bright Okpocha”

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Basketmouth added in a separate post:

“Now I’m officially the Lord of the rib.”

See the video of the brief ceremony below: