Controversial media personality Ciku Muiruri has always ruffled feathers with her strong opinions. She is basically strong whiskey. If you cannot handle your liquor, then you definitely cannot handle Ciku Muiruri. See what she once said about Baba.

‘Raila Is Truly The Devil – Yes, Satan!’ Ciku Muiruri Savagely Attacks The CORD Leader

Ciku Muiruri is now back and she is taking sides in the ongoing NYS scandal. Read what she believes…

“I have watched Anne Waiguru’s testimony today and I must say that unlike the others that have come before the PAC on the #NYSscam she is a very effective witness. There is simply no evidence against her. Yes, it was right for her to be relieved of her duties because the buck stops with the CS. Politically, she could never have survived a scandal of this magnitude. But criminally, there is nothing anyone can pin on her. So one of two things happened:
a) Corruption was fighting back as always happens when you interfere with theft of public funds or
b) She is a brilliant criminal mastermind who was diabolical enough to have planned all this even before Jubilee was elected with such clinical precision that she anticipated this day would come.

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I believe that the simplest explanations are usually the correct ones. Based on the evidence she presented today and subsequent cross examination from MPs – My opinion is that she was hung out to dry for doing her job. I therefore apologise to Anne Waiguru for judging her before knowing the full facts. We have sadly lost a performing CS. Corruptions wins again.”

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