Love is love is love.

And Kenya’s deputy president has shouted about his love for his wife from the rooftops. Afterall she was his backbone and spiritual support when he was facing humongous charges on at the ICC.

After he beat the charges, the deputy president told members of the fourth estate how he would often find his wife has snuck out of bed at midnight as she was out praying about his ICC case.

Ruto thanked Rachel for sneaking out to “pray fervently” for him, saying God was gracious to him and his family through the “torturous situation”.

And today, he took to the gram, to show his love for her.

Ruto wrote,

“Today I want to appreciate my wife Rachel. Thank you for always being by my side. #wcw.”

william and rachel

Check out reactions from Kenyans…


kipkarena: May God grand you both a great life and blessings to inspire more. A good woman comes from God
muhanjij: I love Rachel. In every successful man there is a powerful woman behind him. You have my vote come 2022.
keysha254: My future president and First Lady
leahsherry_g: A wife is a precious thing from God
paulinhojuma: Hapo ndio life imekufikisha brathe 😂😂😂😂
bram_ule_mchelsea: She’s one humble lady but you are Mr. Rough Rough 😂😂😂 ….ama namna gani
kagwidaniel: A blessed God fearing couple you are wonderful in the eyes of God Jehovah and i really admire you. Inbox me am from kirinyaga your exellency.

William and Rachel 1