Hakuna mtu kama mama. Vicmass Luodollar has unveiled his mum and told of an interesting tale from his childhood that celebrates his mother’s strength and resilience. her sacrifice ensured Luodollar got an an education and did not end up being a homeless, ambition-less bum.

Luodollar who started out as a street hawker and peddler has since morphed into a stylish music icon. But he never wants to forget where he came from. Because his past propels him to higher heights.

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Luodollar is very grounded and doesn’t shy away from talking about his humble beginnings. In a heartwarming post, Luodollar told his fans about his mother’s role in his life.

“And today my Woman Crush Wednesday goes to my one and only Beautiful, Amazing, Loving and caring mother, she is such a prayerful, hardworking and God fearing woman, she is the reason am out here grinding hard, she gave up everything to pull me up off the street so i can go to school. in my primary days we used to wake up 4am in the morning kuletea jirani maji za kujenga nyumba zake from the river, we would do that for 3 to 4 hours in the morning and we would fill 3 tanks of 240 litres each [TOTAL 720Ltrs] for ksh 50 per tank, when am off to school she is off kuenda [amali] kulimia watu shamba.”

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The Pesa Otasss hitmaker added, “For 6hrs she would work in someones shamba for k/sh.80 everyday.
In the evening after school i would join her [mino uno] making ropes for animals [cows, goats, sheep, donkeys] so that she would take them to the market to sell them every Monday and Thursday at Luanda Market, that is past Maseno for those who has used Busia Road,and every Tuesday she would go Holo market for those who uses Bondo route knows that place.”

Upendo wa mama cannot be compared to anything. The rapper continued, “And when the schools are closed i would take ropes to the market myself,and i would do extra ropes to buy my own Maths, Kiswahili and English text books for those were my favorite subjects back in my primary level.

I started making my own money when I was 7 years old and I’m proud of my mum for making me know my worth.”

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mr Bank Otuch’s beautiful mum. Kufanana nayo?

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