William Ruto
William Ruto

Deputy president William Ruto always refers to himself as a ‘hustler’.

That is something most Kenyans relate to. After all everyday we are all hustling.

Remember when he hooked up a watchman with college fees?

Dennis Itumbi let the cat out of the bag buy revealing the story in a social media post.

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“As Mark Masai interviewed DP William Ruto – A man who identified himself as a watchman sent in a text,” Dennis wrote.

“He has been saving and hustling to pay school fees for himself and he wanted DP William Ruto to assist him to go back to school. During one of the breaks, as Mark scrolled on the massive feedback – he showed his guest the text. DP agreed to take over the fees. #TeamHustle. That was the other side of the interview and of a host and his guest.”

And that is how the soja managed to get his college fees paid by Ruto, a man who knows what hustling is all about. And the drama of being broke.

Now Ruto is far from his hustler days. The political powerhouse is hanging out with presidents, enjoying the jetsetting lifestyle. Check out his outriders. He is indeed living the life.

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A creative Kenya created a funny meme using Ruto’s TBT photo. Check it out.

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