Milele FM presenter Jalang’o has fired shots at corrupt Kenyans saying they are the reason why the youth have no jobs.

Jalang’o’s remarks comes barely a week after the plight of Kevin Ochieng Obede was highlighted on Citizen TV.

Ochieng has been languishing in abject poverty even after he graduated with first-class honours in Actuarial Science from the University of Nairobi in 2017.

Kevin Ochieng Obede

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In a lengthy post, Jalang’o wrote,

LET ME BE THE DEVIL’s ADVOCATE IN THIS OCHIENG STORY!! Thank God he got a job courtesy of the media. But how many other Kevin’s are out there? How many other people have even better performance and certificates? If you asked me there are many people out there looking for jobs and cant find! And there are several reasons why there are no jobs. These old folks now telling us that we get self-employed made sure that all factories and plants died! They ate and stole everything. In most cases it is never what you know its who you know, you must be connected to get a job.

The media personality went ahead to urge the youth to hustle hard in life because nothing comes on a silver platter. ‘Have an A but hustle like a D student.’

This is even the reason for my post ( A STUDENT MENTALITY) Yes you got an A’ Yes you got a first class honors, as much as you deserve to get a job immediately your A does not guarantee you a job! Coming to Nairobi and thinking that there is a place for you and a job for you because you are a first class honors student is a very big lie! To survive with your A you must have a mentality of a D student! A D student believes and knows very well that there is nowhere his papers will take him, so he knows that for him to survive he must work a miracle and the miracle is working !! You will find that they actually run this town! You find that D students are employing the Engineers, actuaries to run for them their businesses , they own petrol stations, car yards, food joints, apartments, they know every corner of China, they know what is cheap, spare part shops and all, It is so sad that you could be book smart but not street smart!! and as the D students are getting their hands dirty you get an A student 10 or 20 years later of job searching still believing that only his papers will save him!! Some even turn down jobs because they do not match their school performance, I have seen people who at entry point wants to be a HOD, or even an MD!! .With all due respect to job seekers and every humility because.

Kevin said he had tarmacked in the whole of Nairobi and unsuccessfully applied for jobs.

I know how hard it can get, please be flexible! There is this CPA 4 accountant who accepted to be a waiter and now he is the accountant for the company because he was already in! Have your A but hustle like a D student! What’s your take?.

After Kevin’s story ran on Citizen TV he got several offers from County Governments and top private companies among them Vivo Energy, Deloitte, KEPSA just to mention but a few.

Kevin Ochieng Obede

Many have applauded the presenter for the great message and reactions include;

djsadic Take home: Have an A but hustle like a D student. No one owes you anything. Life is what you make it.

deliverymanafrica You deserve to be the CS for planning. That’s great wisdom

gaudie__kerubo It’s tough for all of us out here, just be both book smart and street smart. Period!

terrymuikamba Nope! The fact that we are okay with the system not rewarding excellence.. That is where the problem begins…He did his best he rightfully scored an excellent grade but we want to tell him to suffer like everyone else. Then we complain about Brain drain…instead of demanding better from our leaders.

aminatah6 Volume iko sawa bitter truth🔥🔥🔥👌

faith_blake_njoga 👏👏you said it all

divinahkwamby I agree 💯 I did BBM a few years ago started making bricks at home and selling avocados and veggies. My aim was to make 15000 bricks and get my starting capital but I thank God He gave me another opportunity