Dennis Okari and wife

Dennis Okari has for the first time shared a photo of him together with his new wife Naomi Joy. The private NTV journalist has been very secretive with nary of a photo of the two together posted previously on his social media accounts.

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Okari updated his profile picture on Instagram and Facebook, leaving many mesmerized. On both profiles, he put a photo posing with his wife, looking lovey-dovey.

Dennis Okari
Dennis’s new social media profile picture

On Instagram, Okari also changed his bio which previously read: ‘Everything Jesus and NTV investigative journalist’, to:

😇Everything Jesus
😎Husband to my Joy

Check out the screenshot

Dennis Okari
Dennis Okari’s Instagram’s new bio

Okari’s profile pics elicited reactions from netizens and within 5 hours, the Facebook pic has attracted 8,200 likes and more than 1,000 comments.

Dennis Okari

The NTV presenter’s fans flooded the comment section (Facebook) congratulating him and some even went ahead to ask him to impregnate his wife. Check out some of the comments

Emmanuel Soreh On behalf of Men’s conference retreat you shall be invited on a special keynote speaker on how to move on! You are our hero this Mashujaa day?

Mugure Kagos May God bless your marriage and restore to you wasted years

AC Mbuguah We all deserve second chances in love… Wachana na wateule 😂😂😂😂😂

Dennis Okari

Mercy Wanja Congratulations God bless your union

Doris Maks May love always be with u dear😍😍😍we are super happy for u dia!

Margaret Karanja Congratulations for taking charge of your destiny& overcoming all obstacles to secure your life! & showing that everyone deserves a chance to live again after break up& heartache! Gods goodness abound

Daisy Koech Congrats Mr n Mrs okari 👌👌

Kimberly Mwende Wow! You deserve the best Okari. There is no substitute for love!

Vincent Lubanga: Congrats bro. This union must work till death do you apart

Shiru Karanja God bless your union

Dennis Okari

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