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A married woman has exposed her cheating husband.

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According to this woman, her husband who infected her twice with STDs still sleeps around and she’s fed up with him.

“My husband is a scumbag, an unrepentant cheat, and a bloody ass liar. He is freaking disrespectful and believes he is smart because I’ve been keeping mute the truth is I can’t kill myself so he can go ahead and die/kill himself if he wants to that’s his problem.

Our marriage is barely 3 years but he has not been faithful to me for even a year it is that bad! This is someone we’ve been together for more 10 years! At first, he was sleeping around with little nit-wits he gave infected me twice and I treated it.

The problem started June 2017 when he went for a wedding and met a particular girl, he’s been dedicating himself to her. I mean he’s spending his available time with her, busy f3cking around (my friends have seen them together loads of time but I had to wad off the topic) video calls, I love you messages and all sorts (i once checked his phone and that was it).. its is all “CRAZY but FUN” until this same girl gets paid back in her own currency when it is her time. But for my husband, if he doesn’t change I will poison him. I just needed to share this with someone,” she wrote.

Here are reactions from social media

Quintessiaworld: You don’t need to poison him,that’s a sin o,just pray for yourself and him to live long,wait till old age to deal with him

Anwuli You knew he was a serial unrepentant heartless cheat, but went ahead to marry him???

Daniellabillion I’d rather be a single mum than to die in the name of marriage. Dear poster be happy if u have children spend time with em and ignore him


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Kenorr If you you poison him, you’ll end up in jail.. There’s no difference between you and him then\

Iamdmentor This is really painful. Your husband has discontinued from the covenant that binds you two together. Don’t poison. Seek advice from old married couples

Cbell Killing him will definitely land you In jail. Filling for divorce will be the best option

Abioduncr: Madam don’t kill someone oh. If you are not happy in your marriage, just divorce him.