There’s an Irish proverb which says:

A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.

And I agree with that.

If you have one, then you’re lucky but there are those whom we trust so much only to later be disappointed by. Betrayal is one of the main reasons why many best friends break up.

Have you ever experienced this?

Well, if you thought your best friend betrayed you by going on a trip to Mombasa with your boyfriend, think about that woman whose best friend had a baby by her hubby.

A Kenyan woman is crying out for help after her husband impregnated her BFF. According to the woman, her husband and their family friend who she trusted to be ‘part’ of their relationship have been having an affair behind her back and now she is heavily pregnant.

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The BFF seems to be happy because she is carrying this guy’s child and the legal wife is anything but. The woman is confused on what to do now and she wrote to Sunday Magazine seeking for advice.

“My husband allegedly accidentally impregnated a family friend whom we mutually agreed would add life to our relationship.

What I do not understand is whether I am the one who is being played as the woman has insisted on carrying the baby to full term arguing that her medical condition is complicated – an attempted abortion may lead to death. I am terribly scared of what may happen after she gives birth and my husband is forced to pay maintenance for her and the baby.

I am even contemplating filing a divorce on grounds of adultery. I have asked myself several questions and even wonder what got into me to allow another woman into our bedroom.

Is it also possible for us to sue the woman for allowing herself to get pregnant, which was not a part of our agreement?”

Which advice can you give her?

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