A married woman has left many shocked after she narrated her bad experience with her husband of 12 years.

The 32 year old mother says her husband is a wife batterer, disrespects her family and cheats on her with several women including married ones.

‘My husband cheated on me with our underage maid,’ cries mother of two

She says she’s fade up with her marriage and confused on whether to walk away or stay with the husband from hell for the sake of her children.

“I am 32 and just fed Up and devastated. Have been married for 12 years with kids yet  i have never been happy since day one. My marriage has been full of problems. My husband beats me up everytime. I have no right as a wife to ask him bout his cheating behaviour, he disrespects my family and still claims he love me.

What kind of love is this? i took his phone to make a cll because mine didn’t have airtime and what I saw left me shocked…porn films sent to more than 6 girls and a love chat including thaat of a married woman he’s also going out with (with their sex video). My people you need to see me because am beautiful,educated, a good business woman, clean, even younger girls admire me on always how I look good and trendy yet my husband doesn’t give me upkeep money. As for bedROOM MATTERS, I think I can give myself a good credit but it’s never enough for this man…Please advise me before depression kills me.

Here are some of the reactions from social media users

Touch_1_soul: You are married for 12 years, with kids, you are beautiful, educated, and can fend for yourself, and yet being abused. Did anybody tell you that marriage is a passport to heaven? What are you waiting for? Well on the other hand, for you to have married at the tender age of 20, your man might have been seeing you as a worthless young woman with no ambitions nor career goals, especially if marrying at that age was as a result of unwanted pregnancy. So people tend to abuse what they do not value. It’s normal.

Hunger_slicer: Is you that want depression to kill you because you’re attaching so much importance to the nonsense he’s doing. Pls channel all ur strength into getting more money.

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Iamadline: So all this gals that got married at a very tender age are now looking for who to advise them to leave their husbands .

Amanehi: The signs were always there, you just ignored, because you thought he would change. Tell yourself the truth.

Njameelah: If really u’re educated, beautiful and independent, why not just end this messy dramatic life style and start afresh with ur kids, what else do you want, see Ba, a lot of people odmr realize what dey have until its gone, he’s disrespecting u becos he feels u won’t leave him, my dear poster please and please SHOCK ur husband.

Bidemi: I will advise u to leave that house for a while,let him b d only one taking care of the kids,before two days he wont b able to cope n he will realize his mistakes n he will later comes for begging,i know he will want meet ya family,let one of ya family tells him,u have already involved human activists,if he dare touches u,he’s going to jail. some men are animals,no matter what ya woman do to u,it doesn’t warrant you to raise that ya polio hands on her,I sense immaturity, I will continue to say it,u men changed to ya wife because of your concubines,because I see no reason y u will beat ya wife.Poster don’t let him kill u ooo ,save ya life ,because if u die today,he will marry a lady better than u,and d new wife will suffer ya kids….

Queen_gold_001: This is just the story of my mother, but she gathered courage and left the marriage, she travelled out of Nigeria, just a year and trust me she is doing fine 💙💙