Husband suckling wife's breast

Wonders shall never seize!

A breastfeeding mother has shocked netizens after revealing that her husband drinks all the milk she keeps for their baby.

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According to this mother, her husband not only drinks the milk kept in the fridge for their young one but also suckles her breasts when she’s asleep. She says she’s fed up with her husband’s behavior. She wrote;

My husband drinks all the milk I milk for our baby.

Sometimes my husband suckles my breast when I am sleeping leaving nothing for the baby. He doesn’t even consider the baby. He wants my milk everyday.

Last time I told him to stop, he got upset. Is this normal?

Check out reactions from social media users

Emmygrin: Lord Jesus, men are now drinking breast milk. What has happened to beer

Mopelola_katrina: Something tells me this man needs to see a psychotherapist

fanthom_grace: ma’am I think you’ve got two babies

Goodnewsokoroji: Pls don’t deprive him of it, he has 100% right to drink it, thank you.

Mhizteenaht: Add butter leaf and oktoberfest maybe it might stop him from drinking it

Etaiwo: Your husband knows the importance of breast milk, most men drink it too when you hear from other women. Just caution him, that’s all….

Boazfather:  breast milk is sweet. Only that the sugar taste is high.

Stephy: That’s very bad of him

Chyna: Funniest thing I ever read, you thought he wasn’t a baby? But I’m sure you call him baby daily. 😂

Debbie: My God!!! What will I not hear in this life

Foreveronyii: Next time make sure to add enough salt inside the breast milk.

Kofi: Omg! What did I just read ? I’m irritated. I can’t even taste my own breast me yuck

Nikiwinks: Your husband is your baby, feed him.

Dejumoke: What a stupid talk 😏 God punish that ur husband poster 😀😀

Moh: I should start selling breast milk so your husband will patronize me anyways in the meantime I produce and sell 100% natural skincare products. For all skin types and complexion.

Hordez: 😂😂😂😂 I’m literally dying

Elizabeth: He is probably drinking it for health issues. I read it somewhere about it being medicinal.

Isreal: Even the thought of it is irritating me