Marriage is not a bed of roses. From cheating, domestic violence and misunderstandings every time, no marriage is perfect.

A disgruntled mother of two is contemplating leaving her marriage after her husband cheated on her. According to this woman, her husband slept with their maid when she was away to give birth to their first child.

“I am married with two kids, my unhappiness started when I was away to give birth to my first Son, only to come home and discover that my husband has being sleeping with my under age maid.

I lost it ,I almost ran mad, after he apologized I forgave him, but didn’t forget, and also lost all respect for him as a husband. Now the issue is he started complaining I don’t respect him and all. we quarrel every now and then blecause of that. I can never respect such a man. I m not useless like him to cheat back, come 2018 am thinking of leaving if this unhappiness continue. I nolonger enjoy sex any more because I keep picturing him with the lil dirty maid. please advice me on this,” she wrote to  relationship expert.

Check out what social media users had to say;

Uju: Forgive your husband and move on, make your marriage to work. Its not easy but you have many of us here have passed through more than this but we didn’t give up. No marriage is a bed of roses

Fabolousibk: Marriage works bcoz, people work it out.. Madam work it out or you walk out of the marriage…

Bisanike: Sorry about that.. It’s better you leave if you ain’t happy.. because you would eventually stab him to death when the thoughts come to your mind again

Oistan: While it was wrong for hubby to cheat, which is reprehensible, you could have stood your ground and walk away if you know you won’t let it go….I mean there’s no need patching up what you ain’t willing to allow stay patched up. We all deserve a second chance especially if we are truly remorseful and changed going forward.

Lola.Taiwo: Your pride is making you forget that he slept with a KID???

Aisha: Please try and forgive your husband,a broken marriage is not the solution to ur predicament,just pray and ask God to help u forgive him and forget no body is above mistakes and temptations,think of ur kids don’t make them go through that stress of growing up in a broken home.

Mary Joseph: Pray against the spirit of unforgiveness…it is eating u up as well as ur marriage…ask God for grace to forgive and u will see all dust settle…your husband made a mistake but from what u said he has amended his ways..the problem in ur marriage now lies with u..walking away will be an act of foolishness and impatience and immaturity which you will eventually regret…work on ur mindset towards ur hubby…choose to forgive and let go,choose to respect him..and watch ur pride..its getting the best of you…communicate..tell him how u still feel about his actions let him appease u..FORGIVE!