Cheating husband
Cheating husband

A married woman is fed up with her husband who has a roving eye. According to this woman, her husband is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, who is seeing someone else.

‘My Husband Tricked Me Into Visiting Kenya, Abandoned Me And Our 3 Kids Then Returned To The US Alone’, Confesses Distraught Woman

The pissed off woman is confused on whether to tell her husband’s lover’s partner or not.

“I found out that my husband is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend who is even in a serious relationship with a guy they both graduated from university. This girl bears her fiancé name on all her social media accounts. From my findings, the guy even gave this girl his car and the guy is really supporting her in her fashion business and they are making plans for their wedding already.

Now, I have this guy’s Facebook account and I have screenshots of the chat between my husband and this girl and I also have a screenshot of the last money transfer my husband made to her. I told a few friends about this and they said I should send all of them to the guy. I also wanna send it to dis guy but my conscience won’t let me not because my husband is gonna know that I did it, I just feel for the guy. Please, what do I do? I need advise please.”

Check out some of the comments from social media

Jeffrey: Confront ur husband n send the messages… though i wont if i was you

Ladun: You don’t have an ish with the girl.. It’s your husband you should face… If he had not been encouraging her they won’t have gone this far…

Angel: Talk to ur man about it, if he continues? Talk to the lady and let her know u can also come b/w her and her boyfriend if she doesn’t stop

Ibk: Confront your husband then send them to the lady ….it will keep her calm

Goldie: You seem to be so concerned about the girl and her boyfriend. What about your cheating husband that cannot close his legs? Have you confronted him???

Anna: My dear if you send it be prepared to share your husband with her. Because she may want to stop everything when she ties the knot so better allow her to marry so she can leave yours for you. Trust me, you will create more trouble for your self.

Ochy: Please don’t do it, rather send it to the girl and threaten to show her fiancee if she doesn’t leave your hubby

Liz: Your problem is with your husband, not the guy. Face your own and let the others face theirs

Omipo: Let her guy know all the slutty behaviour she has been putting up with so as to save your own marriage.

Ayoh: Destroying her relationship with her bf won’t stop your husband from seeing her. Your husband is the one you have business with here. He’s cheating on you, confront him and talk to him about it.