John Allan Namu

John Allan Namu is one the few daring investigative journalists alongside his partner in crime, Mohammed Ali who is now in politics as a member of parliament.

He quit his job after starting out as an intern at KTN which of course was a shock to many Kenyan because he had a passion for investigative journalism.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, he gave a brief history of his first story that was killed after he received threats. He worked on the story with Mohammed Ali on a man who was a con artiste who used to be paid by clients to install tracking devices in cars but he never did and so alipatikana.

John Allan Namu

The man threatened their lives after offering to pay them a 1 million shilling bribe but they refused to accept it resulting in the pair’s exile in Germany.

Despite all the dangers in his job, he confesses his wife is very understanding but now that he has a family, before jumping into a story, he thinks hard about the next move.

Mwende Macharia then asked him if the family was the reason why he left employment as an investigative journalist at KTN.

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John Allan Namu

John Allan Namu laughed and answered:

no. staki kusema because ntacritisize watu walikuwa hapa but suffice to say I wasn’t satisfied with the way mainstream media was covering things. na kulikuwa na vitu hazikuenda poa huku and so it hurt me that I wasn’t able  to do it especially in a company that I had dreamed of working for

So there you have it. John Allan Namu then went ahead to open his own company, Africa Uncensored, which still focuses on investigations.

John Allan Namu


He says that despite wanting to work for KTN being his dream, he also had a larger dream of opening his own company.

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