Eric Njiru
If you are a football fan, then you definitely know HomeBoyz radio sports presenter Eric Njiru. Known for his skills on radio, this hunk is also loved for his good sense of style and fashion.

Mpasho caught up with Njiru and he opened up about the game, career and the ladieeees!

1. How did the love for Sports start for you?
Well, it started when I was young. My brother is a die-hard football fan so I guess I picked from him. Proceeding to high school I fell in love with rugby too. Now I present Football on radio and write rugby news on my website as well as interviewing sports personalities in Kenya. Sport has made me travel around the World meeting different kind of fans, athletes and managers.


2. You are one of the most sort after sports personalities, that so you think makes you stand out.
Of course, I feel amazing but it’s the fruits of hard work, patience and determination. When I started out at Pamoja FM in Kibera no one knew me but I kept working -still working work- because I knew it will pay back one day.


3. Talk to us about your sports show on HBR.
HBR Fanzone is now the biggest football shows we have in Kenya. It’s for the fans by the fans. We try to enjoy ourselves as much as possible discuing the English Premier League every Saturday as we warm up guys for the matchday. It’s a top trend every Saturday because of the passion shown by the hosts (Zuhum, Lotan, John and Zaq the producer) and our listeners. Dj John and G Money are the brains behind this show and we are looking to take it to the next level.


4.You made an exit from HBR and later came back, why the decision to come back?
Well, just like in football sometimes you have to make a move to a new club/place. I was trying out something new but as they say East or West Home is the best and I had to come back to rejoin the crew. I enjoyed my time at Citizen but we are all meant for different things.

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5. Is Sports Journalism something you’d advise someone to get into putting into consideration your experience?
I think Sports Journalism is the best job in the World of journalism. You are paid to do something you love and you’ll never feel like you are working. I’d advise all the budding journalists to go for it. They have an advantage now because you don’t require to be employed in a media house for you to do something unlike a few years ago.


6. What are your plans this year. What should your fans expect?
This year obviously the first plan is to make my show better and appealing to everyone. I’ve also planned to go cover the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Japan, head to South Africa for British and Irish Lions tour, Cape Town 7s and to prepare for next year’s FIFA World Cup that will be held in Qatar. Doing a show from Qatar will be amazing for our listener.


7. People say you are a man of many ladies?
Hahaha No. That’s not true. I am like the great Jamie Carragher, a one-club man.


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8. Why do you go hard on Man United and Arsenal fans on Twitter? Who hurt you son?
United and Chelsea dominated the best part of the last decade. But it’s our time now. We must remind them of what they used to tell us. I tweet facts but the issue with United fans is they don’t like facts. You can’t be the best in the World when you are not even the best in your city.


9. Why do people call you the defensive presenter?
Hahahaha because of how I defend Roberto Firmino on radio and Twitter. Football fans call Firmino a defensive striker so they started calling me ‘Defensive Presenter’ because I get too defensive when talking about Liverpool players.


10. How are you related to former Tahidi High actress Shish?
Shish, or Shirleen as we call her at home, is my cousin. She is an inspiration to me and learned a lot from her when she used to school at Catholic University and act at Tahidi (Nairobi Academy).


11. If not Journalism, what would you have pursued?
At first, I wanted to become a lawyer so that I can be a Judge in future while Mummy wanted me to join the military hahahahahaha.