Huddah Monroe

Huddah is one charismatic aristocrat. Is it a stretch to call her that? I think she is by virtue of her value at the moment. But that is a discussion for another day.

Huddah Monroe
The socialite enjoying the breeze

The lady has come up the ranks, from her days appearing on Big Brother Africa to now selling her own brand of successful cosmetics.  And Huddah most of all has an opinion about nearly everything.

The beauty in white

And people listen, yes, they do. Huddah has a large following with girls and ladies. She has even started sharing her own feminist mantras like below:

I met this wonderful lady @anneaslett last year a female global voice for equality, her passion was enlighting and she really inspired me to do what I can to help empower the girl child with my influence.
I shall be giving away @huddahcosmeticsproducts to those who share a message of there own and include the hashtags #huddahsvoiceforequality

Huddah Monroe
With her placard

She recently spoke about domestic violence among African men, writing on her Instagram page:

LMFAO! You know the way in East Africa you abuse a man, call him a B##ch and walk away without him beating you. It’s not the same in West of Africa. Grown men will beat you to a PULP! Even to an unconscious state and no one will give a f#ck! Smh! And they’ll say you are stubborn deserve it!

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe screenshot

Why would she be speaking about abuse at the moment? What had occasioned her observation? Maybe the experience of fellow socialite Vera Sidika who had an alleged troubling experience of domestic violence with her ex Yomi.


I would like to see if the stats do back her up? That men from West Africa are more violent than those from East Africa? What do you think?

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