Huddah Monroe
The beauty chilling

Huddah Monroe is one coy (and smart) woman. The lady with the attractive buns has been revealing the tricks she uses to blend in public while in Nairobi City.

Huddah in South Africa

Yesterday, she disclosed the reason why she can travel on Nairobi streets unrecognized. And it is an ingenious way of escaping unwanted attention for someone looking to be nondescript.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah divulged her little secret to her followers on her Instagram page that she uses a buibui to move about inconspicuously in Nairobi city. The interesting thing is that the strategy works as evidenced by the photos she posted.

Huddah Monroe
On Kenyatta Avenue?

Her caption was:

The true definition of MOVE in SILENCE 💯
It’s Incredible how I Did so much work yesterday, visited all my businesses in town.. Walked up and down from River road to Luthuli Avenue , & I know who is selling fake Huddah products and I’m coming for you all 🤙🏾…
I also went to eat at the places I used to go wayyyy back & left without anyone noticing me 🤣😛

Huddah Monroe
On Kenyatta Avenue?

This will come as no surprise to anyone following the socialite as she recently revealed how she is able to deal with people who want to take advantage of her. She wrote on her Instagram page:

Nowadays I don’t give people my number, I tell them to snapchat me, so when they save my conversation I block them.

Huddah Monroe

Many celebrities often disguise themselves when they travel in public. Tyra Banks former popular model and host of America’s Next Top Model also travels on the subway (the equivalent of using the train from Syokimau towards Nairobi City)!.

Tyra_Banks_2012_Shankbone_3:Commons Wikimedia

Don’t forget that this woman is worth an estimated 9 billion shillings.

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