huddah monroe

Huddah is usually mentioned when people are discussing entrepanuas but for once, I want to call attention to the fact that she has accomplished such a huge fete, I couldnae help but appreciate her business acumen.

Underneath this air-head exterior, beats the heart of a true businesswoman. A smart business woman. I do not know much about business except that right at the offset, it’s all about demand and supply.
And Huddah identified a niche market she could exploit and came up with a product that from what I hear is fire.

Niche —–Product—–Supply


And she was so smart, she didn’t saturate the market, she simply brought enough product to allow her clients to market her through word of mouth -then the product was done. What does that mean?
Affinity for her product is not just high BUT her marketing strategy is organic.

Isn’t that brilliant?