Huddah Monroe has blazed a trail of success ever since she made her debut on our screens in the once-popular Big Brother TV show.

When she was on the Big Brother show

The socialite used the fame she got from the show to gain a large social media following. That following helped her succeed when she launched her own makeup line, Huddah Cosmetics.

Her online company has been a success, so much so, that new products usually sell out pretty fast. Now, the reason for that long introduction is to show you, the reader, the trajectory of this trailblazer.

Looking beautiful

King Huddah, as she calls herself nowadays, has added more to her diverse portfolio. She is now in the lingerie business! What! Yes, and the pretty yellow-yellow decided to model her own pieces.

Huddah Monroe

She introduced the line on her Instagram page writing:

EXPLORE YA BODY… LINGERIE @bodybyhuddah on the WORKS! 😝😝😝

Huddah Monroe
Modeling her new lingerie line

She also added:

In a world full of FISH 🐠…. I am a F**kin SHARK 🦈 .
Save ya coins , LINGERIE DRIP SET … DROPING SOON @bodybyhuddah 😊

She finished off her posting frenzy with the message below:

ATA ka hunipendi unajua nani beast hapa!
…………………..Can I be free?…………
………………Relax and take it easy……….
We only get one life, So live your life….. in @bodybyhuddah LINGERIE DRIP! DRIP! ##LINGERIEDRIP #DroppingSoon 😌

Huddah Monroe
Modeling her new lingerie line

Love her or hate her, one has to give “King Huddah” the props for diversifying her portfolio. She is treading the path international celebs like Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian have established.

Kanye and Kim
TV personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West arrive at a fashion designer workshop in Paris May 21, 2014. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Kanye started as a musician but is now a fashiongenius with his famous Yeezy sneakers. Meanwhile, his wife, who became famous because of her s3xtape, now has a successful cosmetic line and one of the biggest shows in the world, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Kim Kardashian success
Kim Kardashian success

Let’s wait and see whether this new line by Huddah will be a success.

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