Huddah Monroe is one of the prettiest socialites in Kenya. Leave alone socialites, she is even above more than the close to 25 million women we have in this country.

Yes, I know that filters and make-up contribute a lot to how good she looks on Instagram. Blah! Blah! Blah! Then why doesn’t every woman on Instagram look as good as she does? Don’t they have make-up and filters too?


Aha! I know why? She had expensive plastic surgery to fix her horrible teeth and bleach her skin. But…but she is still very attractive! I don’t care!

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe screenshot. photo credit: kiss

Huyu anashindana na Huddah? 26 year-old Kamene Goro extremely high nunu mileage

Anywhooo! Huddah has gone out and said something damn(smart?). Damn to the many people following her page. What exactly? That she is 23-years-old turning 24 in 4 days!

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She wrote:

The Year is over! And I’m turning 23 in 4 dayzz.

Yes, how ridiculous is that! Alhuda Njoroge became a household name in Kenya when she appeared on Big Brother the Chase in 2013. Yaani Huddah wants people to believe that she was 18 when she appeared on the show?


Not possible. Many biographies attribute her birth date to be October 10th, 1991. So that would make her 27 this year using my excellent math skills!


But which lady doesn’t lie about her age? It is a staple even among the ones who avow that they never lie! Some of the comments from those who saw her post are below:

mavellamoa 23 years 😀😀😁we n mzee wacha kutubeba wanaa
hamisamobettomy_queen We dada n muongo cyo wa23 una 28 au 31
feloh_muya 😍😍😍
emanuel_husse inlove u bosschick
iam_kidy 23???
linniestarbwouy@huddahthebosschick 23 na hiyo forehead😂😂😂😂
mariela_johnsons Ww everyday uko 23yrs,miaka haiongezeki..
briangathara 😂23 my foot
dennohryxi Uko sure ni 23 ama ni 32
kangetheshee 43 not 23…
jobotiende Socialites never go past 23 years

While many may find her lying problematic, I see her bigger agenda. Her tongue in cheek comment was meant to make tongues wag, which she has accomplished. I am I not writing about her? Duh!


How are you going to get any of the spotlight when Otile, Vera and Jacque Maribe are hogging it? Manufacture something! Anything! And Huddah has become a pro at that.

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